Linda Meluzzi

Linda Meluzzi

gowanus water works community center

The Gowanus Canal watershed has the potential to become the hearth of the flourishing neighborhoods in Brooklyn; Carrol Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Park Slope and even Red Hook as a natural water feature flowing into the New York Harbor. Without the remediation of the industrial pollution and refining of the sewer system for the whole region in this precious watershed it is not possible to fullfill this great promise.
We are proposing a new building at the site of the current park and the community pool while preserving the recently completed playground by the NYC parks and recreation department. In addition, a new bridge over the Gowanus Canal is proposed to re-connect the two parts of the current Degraw Street. The Gowanus side of Degraw Street will be turned into a bioswale for further treatment of the storm water coming from the previously contaminated blocks uphill from the canal.
The building will be a sophisticated educational facility for the entire region. Visilble from the sorrounding streets and all public parts of the building, it has the capacity to have 12 auxiliary holding tanks, each 1400 ton capacity which could be used for sewage as well as storm water collection and treatment for all uses in the building.

  • For Beyhan Karahan architects & associates

  • Date january 2013

  • Type competition

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