Linda Meluzzi

Linda Meluzzi

the green: the premise and the conclusion

The analysis around the city of Bologna show the Caserma Sani’s area with the great potential of a new formative center that connects all the services for workers and students as a real cultural pole; the project of the auditorium will be a great attraction of the surrounding area and in a perfect relationship with the city center.
The green is the founder idea of the entire project: the existing trees will be the starting point for the design of the residential area in the way to have always a mutual correspondance between the new elements and the nature. The shape and the position of the new buildings is decided through the original location of the trees in the area, and we’re gonna have an underground auditorium: only in this way we can save the relationship between the sorrounding area and the park, still having a perfect acoustic isolation from the crowded Stalingrado Street. The project takes advantages of the existing park inside the Caserma Sani, relating the new infrastructures with the centers around.

  • Date July 2012

  • Type architectural design IV

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